Trials of Osiris Weapon Loot Pool and Map Rotation For 5/22/2020

Posted by Gilberto Romero on

Trials is in rotation again, better get ready for to grind some wins!

This Weeks Trials of Osiris Map is 

The Dead Cliffs

The Trials of Osiris 3rd Win Loot Drop is

Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle


The Trials of Osiris 5th Win Loot Drop is

Tomorrow's Answer Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2 Tomorrow's Answer Rocket Launcher for Trials of Osiris


The Trials of Osiris 7th Win Loot Drop is

The Summoner Auto Rifle

Destiny 2 the summoner auto rifle for trials of osiris


The Trials of Osiris Flawless Chest Loot Drop is

The Glove Armor Piece

destiny 2 gloves for warlock for trials of osiris           destiny 2 trials of osiris gauntlet armor           destiny 2 trials of osiris titan arm


Good luck to you on your cards Guardians!