Cold Denial Guaranteed Drop

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This is a Guaranteed Drop for The Cold Denial Sword. This is an Embral Engram Farm, the way we farm this is very simple. We Grind for Umbral Engrams and then we do the daily and repeatable Bounties to get materials to focus the Umbral Engram. We will keep farming until we get you the weapon to drop! This a great service for people looking for God Rolls but dont have the time to do the long boring grind.


- Must Have Current Season Pass 

- Must Have The Proper Tier Unlocked on Your Encoder at the Tower for the Weapon You Want

- Must Have at Min. 150,000 Glimmer for Bounties

What is the God Roll Cold Denial?

What is the God Roll PvP Cold Denial?

The Arrowhead Break, Ricochet Rounds, Zen Moment, Eye of the Storm with Range masterwork is the best PvP Roll Around! This gives this the weapon great recoil control and great range. This roll is the best for medium and long range battles. This is the recommended roll for a solid consistent 2 burst machine! This a must have long range weapon that is great in this meta. With the recent buffs that came from the season of arrivals this is a great pick for anyone!

What is the God Roll PvE Cold Denial?

The Polygonal, Extended Mag, Feeding Frenzy, Multikill Clip is the best PvE Cold Denial God Roll! This roll is great for killing low end ads like red bars. This weapon feels like a handcannon you can use anywhere! Cold Denial does not feel like a META Pulse for PvE but it does feel great and worth giving a shot.

Is a God Roll Cold Denial worth getting?

A God Roll Cold Denial is worth getting this season without a doubt! This is a great roll that offers a consistent 2 burst kill in PvP that many other weapons cant get. If you want a high risk, high reward weapon that is consistent, look no further than Cold Denial. Its a great weapon that looks like it will be sticking around the META for a very long time.

What the community thinks of the Cold Denial: