False Promises Guaranteed Drop

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This is a Guaranteed Drop for The Auto Rifle False Promises. This is an Embral Engram Farm, the way we farm this is very simple. We Grind for Umbral Engrams and then we do the daily and repeatable Bounties to get materials to focus the Umbral Engram.


- Must Have Current Season Pass

- Must Have The Proper Tier Unlocked on Your Encoder at the Tower for the Weapon You Want

- Must Have at Min. 150,000 Glimmer for Bounties

What is the God Roll False Promises?

What is the best PvP False Promises Roll?

The Polygonal, Ricochet Rounds, Dynamic Sway Reduction, Zen Moment and Range Masterwork is by far the best PvP God Roll False Promises. This roll is very consistent with its high stability roll that will make those kills so easy to get. This still competes in mid to high range battles. This is a great controller roll as well!

What is the best PvE False Promises Roll?

The Corkscrew, Extended Mag, Subsistence, Surrounded and Range Masterwork is the best PvE Roll that this weapon has to offer. This is a great roll for killing red bar enemies and keep the kill train going. This is a great PvE Roll to get a nice hard hitting base weapon that will be consistent.

Is this gun worth getting?

False Promises is a gun that is worth getting if you would want a consistent auto rifle that can compete in long ranges. A False Promises God Roll Auto Rifle is great in this new meta where this specific archetype has gotten a buff from season of arrivals that makes it a great contender to many of the other kings of the meta this season.

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