Falling Guillotine Guaranteed Drop

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This is a Guaranteed Drop for The Sword Falling Guillotine. This is an Embral Engram Farm, the way we farm this is very simple. We Grind for Umbral Engrams and then we do the daily and repeatable Bounties to get materials to focus the Umbral Engram. We will keep farming until we get you the weapon to drop! This a great service for people looking for God Rolls but dont have the time to do the long boring grind.


- Must Have Current Season Pass

- Must Have The Proper Tier Unlocked on Your Encoder at the Tower for the Weapon You Want

- Must Have at Min. 150,000 Glimmer for Bounties

What is the God Roll Falling Guillotine?

What is the best PvP Falling Guillotine? 

The Honed Edge, Burst Guard, Tireless Blade and En Garde is the best PvP Roll Currently. Lets be real here, most swords in general don't really have a place in PvP but the Falling Guillotine might be an exception here. This swords spinning heavy attack can fight off any on ground super! Especially swapping from On Garde can destroy Supers. This is the best PvP Falling Guillotine God Roll.

What is the best PvE Falling Guillotine?

The Honed Edge, Burst Guard, Relentless Strike and Whirlwind Blade is the best PvE God Roll by FAR! Falling Guillotine has been dominating the PvE Boss Melting scene. If you want to be a damage king in your fireteam you need a god roll Falling Guillotine today! You need this is your PvE Setup at all times if you want to be dealing the best damage around. This is a must have for everyone, in almost every PvE Activity.

Is the Falling Guillotine worth grinding for?

YES! This is a sword that you have to get in your arsenal today. This is the best damage dealing weapon for almost any boss encounter and you will be dealing huge damage and melting bosses like nothing! Get your Falling Guillotine today! You are missing out big time!