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Solstice Of Heroes 2020

The event starts August 11th, 2020

So, what's the solstice event activity?

 we will be fighting in the EAZ. We don't know if it'll be changed, or be in a slightly reworked version of it, or if it'll be the exact same place. I'd say there'll probably be new bosses? and that's probably it.

The rest of the text in this image:

-Earn and upgrade exclusive armor sets to unlock an Armor Glow powered by your own Light Energy!

-Fight through the skies in the European Aerial Zone

-Visit the Eververse for Elemental Armor Ornaments to change your look based on your playstyle: Void, Arc, or Solar!

-Complete the Moments of Triumph for glory and loot!

What're the armor sets?

There's three sets of armor in and one set of ornaments, you have

-The Renewed Sets

-The Majestic Sets

-The Magnificent Sets

-The Colored Subclass Ornaments

You'll start with the blue, completing basic objectives, you'll upgrade to the purple, and complete the regular type of objectives, and then you will complete the final set to unlock the Magnificent.


 on twitter, that also shows the Magnificent armor objectives, likely to masterwork, and/or unlock the colorless glows.

These are all of the earnable sets, so it makes sense that one of these will glow, according to the text in the promo image. It will be a colorless light seen in the promo image above, we don't know if it'll change with shaders at all. My guess is no, or only slightly. The important thing here is that as the colored versions are ornaments, you won't be able to take the colorless light with you unless you can transmog it. So at least for now, I'd keep a set of all armors just in case.

Here's the Void Warlock

Here's the Arc Hunter

Here's the Solar Titan



These colored ornaments will clearly be sold for bright dust and/or silver

As in past years, there's no possible way they'd lock it behind silver. Though I have no confirmation on that, and I specifically only can rely on past year's pricing to be able to say for sure. What I can say is

-There's three sets of ornaments, one for each class. 

 of these sets, and in the description it says "Ornaments with built-in subclass colored Glows: the intensity increases with Super energy charge."

There's a reward for completing all three armor sets, like last year.

Right now they're using a placeholder for the Voidstreak Sparrow.